Monday, March 25, 2013

New car seat cover

Four and half years ago, I made a new car seat cover for my then 1 year old. I took apart the original pieces, took off the ironed on (torn) fabric and cut new fabric from quilting cotton. I attached the new fabric to the sponge pieces (at the edges) and then sewed the pieces back together.

It worked out great, but since then we had another girl and kept using that car seat. The cotton fabric was too thin and recently has started to completely fall apart. It was time to redo that cover one more time. This is how it looked after I took the pieces apart:

As I examined the pieces, I found out that the sponge was also torn and worn out. So, I bought a new sponge and used these pieces as a pattern to cut out both the sponge and the new fabric. This time my mom gave me some leftover fabric, which is cotton, but sturdier. I again attached the fabric to the sponge pieces with a large zig-zag at the edges and then treated them as one. This time I didn't just used zig-zag to finish all the holes, but I made bound button holes, to make it nicer and sturdier. I top-stitched all of them. Then I put it all together and sewed wide FOE all around the cover. It took me almost two days, but it was worth it:

So much better and I love the color (which is a bit more green in real life :).  

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Sharon said...

Very nice! The middle section almost looks suede.

Used-to-Bees said...

Hi - visiting from SewCountryChick! What a great idea! If I still had children of that age, I'd be tempted to make a pair, then I could easily take one off for washing, and have a change of decor in the car!

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