Saturday, July 7, 2012

Recycled orange dress

The big girls had a dress that was just a simple orange knit sun dress. It had ruffles around the neckline and nobody wanted to wear it. The fabric was still pretty good, so I decided not to get rid of it. I cut it apart and decided to use the fabric for a summer dress for my 4 year old.

I didn't use a patter, just kind of traced the top of a sundress she had and used that for the bodice. For the skirt I just gathered two rectangles. I wanted to add a splash of color, so I bound it with strips of another knit. I only had a tiny piece it, so I had to cut it vertically, not horizontally like i normally would with knit binding. But because this was a four way stretch, it worked pretty well.

Lastly I had two small pieces left, so I made a sash. She loves it and I think it came out pretty well. She really needs some more summer dresses, so I think I will make her another one.

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Pam said...

A cute little dress!!! Love the sash you've added and the contrast is the perfect colour...

a Matula ikrek said...

It's great, fresh orange with a bit color-splash, simple pattern, great result... and your little modell looks happy to wear it. :o)

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