Saturday, June 16, 2012

M's High School Graduation Dress

Last week I showed you a quick collage of D's 8th grade graduation dress. That same weekend our high-school graduate had her prom. So, I made a dress for her. She had a unique dress in her mind and in the beginning it seems like we wouldn't be able to fulfill her wishes, but in the end with a combination of some lace my mom had at home, a green lining I had in my stash and some sparkly tulle I was able to do it and she love it. I will try to blog about both dresses a bit more in detail in the next few days (patterns/construction/changes), but for now here is another collage of the dress:

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tgoswife said...

CUTE! Love the colors!! :)

Erica said...

What an absolute gorgeous dress!! I would have loved a dress like that for prom. Heck, I would love a dress like that now.

Did your daughter pick out the colors she wanted? I am really loving the teal with purple.

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