Friday, January 27, 2012

Bread Basket Liner

I have had this old basket for many years. When we moved into this house, I had an open shelf under a counter and this basket fit it's height, so I started using it as a bread basket. But the top of the basket starting falling apart and the crumbs from the bread were always falling through. So, for a while now I planned to make a liner for this basket and give it a fresh look. Finally I got to it. I looked at some tutorials online, but none of them was exactly what I wanted, so I kind of made my own drawing and pattern. I wanted the handle to stay exposed, so it could be used. This is the result:

I am pretty much satisfied with it, except that I took the inner measurements of the basked and the top edge is quite wide, so when the fabric is turned to the outside, it's not big enough and is pulled weirdly. I should have taken the outer measurements and then maybe tapered it off as I went toward the bottom of the basket. Next time, I'll know.

Just for fun, I used a ribbon instead of the sewn ties on the other side, so I can switch it if I get tired of the same look :)

Also, the liner is fully lined :), so that it is technically reversible. I used a bed sheet, since I didn't have any matching fabric. If I had something else, it would be prettier.

 And here is where the basket resides on a daily basis. Next to it is our cutting board that is used only for bread and to the left of it are my frying pans. 

I still have some fabric left over and am thinking of making a baggy holder, maybe a toaster cover and some pot holders (or even a small curtain).

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Looks great, Taly!

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