Monday, March 25, 2013

New car seat cover

Four and half years ago, I made a new car seat cover for my then 1 year old. I took apart the original pieces, took off the ironed on (torn) fabric and cut new fabric from quilting cotton. I attached the new fabric to the sponge pieces (at the edges) and then sewed the pieces back together.

It worked out great, but since then we had another girl and kept using that car seat. The cotton fabric was too thin and recently has started to completely fall apart. It was time to redo that cover one more time. This is how it looked after I took the pieces apart:

As I examined the pieces, I found out that the sponge was also torn and worn out. So, I bought a new sponge and used these pieces as a pattern to cut out both the sponge and the new fabric. This time my mom gave me some leftover fabric, which is cotton, but sturdier. I again attached the fabric to the sponge pieces with a large zig-zag at the edges and then treated them as one. This time I didn't just used zig-zag to finish all the holes, but I made bound button holes, to make it nicer and sturdier. I top-stitched all of them. Then I put it all together and sewed wide FOE all around the cover. It took me almost two days, but it was worth it:

So much better and I love the color (which is a bit more green in real life :).  

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Burda 11/2008 - 139 Little Girls Jumpers

I know I have been gone for a very long time. Real life has a way of taking over and our camera was broken, so I couldn't show you anything :) Now my computer  is broken and I am missing a lot of my files. I hope it's going to get fixed soon. Meanwhile I was able to sew my now 5 year old girl some new jumpers and actually take pictures of them :) So here they go:

This one is done with Burda 11-2008-139. I really like the top-stitched pleats and the buttons on the shoulders. I think I would make it a tad longer next time, but I am sure I will use this pattern a few more times. The full review  can be found on Pattern Review.
This jumper used the same bodice as above, but I omitted the shoulder tabs and made my own tiered skirt. I didn't have more fabric or I would have made it longer. It has a invisible back zipper and trimmed hem. It's made from a embroidered baby corduroy I got in the US on our last trip. Wish I had more of this kind of fabric, it's definitely the best fabric for fall/winter skirts and jumpers.

I hope I can keep up with the blog and some redesigning/redefining is due during the next year. I will try to take some photos of projects made in the last few month and catch up a bit.

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Recycled orange dress

The big girls had a dress that was just a simple orange knit sun dress. It had ruffles around the neckline and nobody wanted to wear it. The fabric was still pretty good, so I decided not to get rid of it. I cut it apart and decided to use the fabric for a summer dress for my 4 year old.

I didn't use a patter, just kind of traced the top of a sundress she had and used that for the bodice. For the skirt I just gathered two rectangles. I wanted to add a splash of color, so I bound it with strips of another knit. I only had a tiny piece it, so I had to cut it vertically, not horizontally like i normally would with knit binding. But because this was a four way stretch, it worked pretty well.

Lastly I had two small pieces left, so I made a sash. She loves it and I think it came out pretty well. She really needs some more summer dresses, so I think I will make her another one.

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

M's High School Graduation Dress

Last week I showed you a quick collage of D's 8th grade graduation dress. That same weekend our high-school graduate had her prom. So, I made a dress for her. She had a unique dress in her mind and in the beginning it seems like we wouldn't be able to fulfill her wishes, but in the end with a combination of some lace my mom had at home, a green lining I had in my stash and some sparkly tulle I was able to do it and she love it. I will try to blog about both dresses a bit more in detail in the next few days (patterns/construction/changes), but for now here is another collage of the dress:

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

D's Elementary School Graduation Dress - Simplicity 4055

My last two weeks have been busy with sewing. My 8th grader was dreaming of a regency dress for a long time - she is a big Jane Austen fan. I had the Simplicity 4055 pattern for a while, but somehow never got to it. Her 8th grade school celebration was a great opportunity. The fabric proved to be quite a challenge, as it stretched out in places as I worked with it, but in the end I managed to finish the dress - complete with hand-made buttonholes and covered buttons. I also managed to braid her long strong hair into a beautiful up-do. She truly looked like a princess. 

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Simplicity 3504 Green Top

I had a little piece of a very colorful piece of rayon in stash. My 16 year old fell in love with it and wanted a top from it. Since there was only a very small piece of it, we decided on a sleeveless tunic from Simplicity 3504. There was barely enough fabric for the main pieces, so we used a black fabric to cut the binding, which ended up being very nice. She also wanted the a ruffle on the bottom from the black fabric, but after trying it out we decided against it.

 I had some trouble with getting the binding attached - I think I stretched it when ironing and it ended up being too thin and too long. It was a bit of a struggle to get it right, but in the end it worked out. Here is the inset close-up:

We used the same altered pattern that my 19 year old used when she made a shirt from this pattern about a year ago. She used a black fabric, since it was a shirt she needed for a concert:
If you want the full review of this pattern, you can find it at my PatternReview.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Knit remnant pillows

Remember the sweater knit remnants I got years ago? I had made Tabita's wool tunic out of some and gave mom a few in her colors. The rest stayed packed away in boxes in my son's bedroom closet. Recently though we added some new shelves into his closet and moved our 4y old's clothes in there as well, so the boxes had to go. Which means I pulled out the knits and decided to find some fresh ideas for them. Since these are pieces that were left in the factory after they cut out things, they are very oddly shaped and most pieces are not large enough for clothing pieces. The wool is also very thick and a bit scratchy for wearing.

I had some pillows that I had thrown the pillow case away, since I didn't like the colors. I decided to use the smallest pieces of the remnants and cut little squares out of them. And then made pillow cases (with zippers) for these pillows. I think they came out great and the children love them as well. Now, our camera is broken and so I can't take any pictures. I tried to use my Nokia phone camera and while the quality and color is very bad, at least I can show you something. When our camera (hopefully) gets fixed, I'll replace the photo with a better one.

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